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Engine / Drivetrain
-GetaDomTune.com JDM ECU Open Source Tuned
-ATP Turbo GT3071R
-Crucial Racing Coolsafe Thermostat
-SpeedMonkee/Ron Davis Aluminum Radiator
-Subaru JDM STi version 7 EJ207 with AVCS heads
-Subaru JDM STI Version 7 Front and Rear Axles
-Kartboy Extended Exhaust Hangers
-Zerosports Radiator Shroud
-Beatrush Propeller Shaft Bushings
-Subaru JDM STI R180 Differential
-Subaru JDM STI 6 Speed Transmission (with DCCD & Suretrack)
-DCCD-PRO Universal Controller (supports auto function)
-APS DR550 Front Mount Intercooler
-Subaru JDM STI Version 7 ECU
-Deatschwerks 850cc Injectors
-APS 65mm Cold Air Intake (1st Gen.)
-Fujitsubo Super EX Basic – Equal Length (610-63031)
-Tial V44 Wastegate (44mm V-band) (Black)
-Grimm Speed V44 Wastegate Dump Tube (44mm V-band) (Ceramic Coated – Black)
-Element Tuning Turboback Exhaust
-Crawford Performance Air/Oil Separator (Version II)
-Group N Engine Mounts
-Group N Transmission Mount (6MT)
-DEI Titanium Wrapped Header, Down pipe, Up pipe
-DEI Titanium Turbo Blanket

-Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 (245/40/17)
-Subydude 17×9 +30 Rota Torque R’s
-Subydude +1 6MT Short Shifter (Discontinued)
-Stance GR+Plus Coilovers
-6Gun Racing Ball Joint Extender Kit (Revision 3)
-Turn In Concepts Rear End Clunk Killer Kit
-Syms Brake Hose Kit
-Cusco Front and Rear Sway bars
-Cusco Brake Master Cylinder Brace
-Cusco Lower Arm Bar Type 2
-Paranoid Fabrications 5 Piece Under Brace Kit
-Paranoid Fabrications Fender Braces
-Kartboy Front Crossmember Bushings
-Kartboy Front and Rear Endlinks
-Kartboy Rear outrigger Bushings
-SuperPro Steering Rack Bushings
-Turn In Concepts 6MT Pivot Bushing
-Subaru JDM 2003 STI Front and Rear Brembo Brakes
-Subaru JDM STI Front and Rear Axles (Thicker Shafts and Larger CV Boots)
-Subaru JDM STI Front and Rear Wheel Hubs (to accommodate the larger axles)

-Kaminari Full Carbon Hood with Reverse Cowl
-HT Autos STI Version 7 Prodrive Edition Splitter
-Subaru JDM STI Prodrive Version Front Bumper Fog Light Kit
-Subaru JDM STI Prodrive Version Front Bumper
-Subaru JDM Side Strakes
-Subaru JDM Front Aero Guards
-Subaru JDM STI Grille
-Subaru JDM Power Folding Mirrors (with Switch)
-Subaru JDM STI Version 8 Taillights
-Subaru JDM STI Limited Spoiler (2002) (also came on the JDM NB-R)
-Subaru JDM Impreza Rain Guards (1st Gen. — Transparent Smoke Grey)
-Subaru JDM STI Black Chrome HID Headlights
-Subaru JDM Side Markers (Amber)
-DIY Gloss Black Painted Engine Bay
-Prodrive Body Molded Mud Guards (Discontinued)
-HT Autos Three Piece Diffuser (Bugeye Specific)
-Totsubo License plate mount
-Fastline License Plate Relocation Kit (Discontinued)
-Hella Supertones (118db – “Made In Germany” – Painted Black Black)

-Subaru JDM Prodrive Gauge Cluster (with DCCD)
-Innovate Motor Sports XD-16 WB02 Gauge
-Defi Gauges 52mm IMPERIAL Link Meter Gauges (Red Needle with Green Illumination — Boost / EGT / Oil Pressure)
-Subaru JDM STI Sports Seat
-Subaru JDM STI Rear Seats
-DIY Plasti-Dipped A/B/C Pillars (Black)
-DIY Plasti-Dipped Center Console (Black)
-DIY headliner (Black Micro Suede)

Sauce: http://bugeyegarage.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/infekted-with-the-fever-infeks-bugeye-wrx/


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