Meet Myshu. Domestic Short-hair. Male. About 1 year old.

We had him since he was a kitten. I remember the first day he was here, (I have a video somewhere), he was scared of everyone and didn’t know where to sleep. I put him on one of the pillows I didn’t use and put my phone next to him. I was playing a song by TRUSTcompany. He fell asleep half way through the song. After then he was comfortable being around the house, he found his way around, and loved going to the basement. He was so cute lol. 

Over summer was the funnest time, he grew up a bit, and he was old enough to play with and such. Shaneil and me used to fuck with him all the time. :) I used to cat fight with him, and any other moment Shaneil would scare him by yelling “Gataca!” lol.

Oh, the memories.

Today me and Shaneil found him laying on the other side of the road, at first we thought it was a random cat. Then I remembered how I haven’t seen my cat since Thursday. So I looked at the cat’s foot and yeah, it was Myshu.

I’m not exactly sad about it ‘cause after 8 months, the cat never wanted to stay home, I was thinking either he was going to die, or never comeback, sadly, both. Eh. I’ll miss him though. Last thing we did together was play fight :’). 

R.I.P Myshu 12/X/10 - 2/16/12. :|

(Don’t know when he was born lol.)

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